Celebrity Street Style: Reese in Bloom

14 01 2018




















This is yet another perfect look that every woman can steal.  I love the flowers sprucing up the black.  And of course her water bottle matches.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Winter Colors

14 01 2018
















A lush velvet in rich bordeaux color.
















Great red on Olivia and love the bejeweled bodice.
















Very pretty in bold pink.
















Jessica looks fantastic in this wonderful green.
















Jessica’s sheer overlay is creative and fun.
















Love this geometric design.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Winter White

14 01 2018
















I’m not sold on the dark lips but I love the draping of this vanilla gown.
















Someone’s really feeling their stripes.
















When you really don’t want to waste that extra fabric.
















Modern and fresh.
















I love the Ms Havisham ruined wedding dress vibe of this post-modern bustier.
















Angelina knows how to turn up her star wattage to high.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Dark Winter

14 01 2018















Twinkle, twinkle big star.
















Mandy’s dress is fun but I love her see-through heels.
















Lupita is velvet-y smooth.















I love an over the top sleeve.
















Emilia’s working a bit of a Marilyn vibe here.















Back to gothic.

Golden Globes ’18: All the Basics

7 01 2018
















I feel like I’ve seen Pene in this gown 1000 times.
















Classic Kidman.
















Look at that bootie!

















Love the drama of this gown and the pink lip.
















This is a lovely dress but I can’t stop looking at that weird part hanging towards her chest.

Golden Globes ’18: Who Wears the Pants?

7 01 2018
















I love that Christina’s look is an epic ballgown and some tight leggings.
















Allison’s look is vintage-inspired but feels contemporary.

Golden Globes ’18: Sheer Daring

7 01 2018
















This gown is more about maximum exposure than bringing anything new to the red carpet.
















I think I’ve seen Halle more dressed up to a premiere.
















My favorite part of CZJ’s look?  The gorgeous jewelry.
















Angie’s working a whole 60’s sex kitten glam.