Celebrity Street Style: Skirting the Issue

22 10 2017
















It may look like Reese just threw this look together but her shoes, shades and bag match.  That’s next level cas.
















Sometimes, a simple outfit is all you need to look pulled together.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Bouquet of Roses

22 10 2017
















Killer boots and a fresh look.

















Mandy’s really rocking these type of dresses.
















Unexpected, edgy, bold and out there – Kristen is delivering red carpet gold.
















Kerry has been slaying her red carpet looks lately and this floral suit is another winner.

















All covered up in an interesting print.
















And then skintight in a perfect red.
















I am loving Jessica’s patent red and heels with plastic straps.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Lighten Up

22 10 2017


















This is classic Nicole perfection.
















I like this nude/silver combo.














Loving this princess-y look with some edge.














Mom brought out Z & Shi for some red carpet coordination.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Darkness Falls

22 10 2017
















Lacy and sexy, SJP balances the hidden & revealed.
















I love the sheen of this fabric and the adorable shoulder ties.

















Always down with some embroidery.















This looks like a most chill red carpet dress ever.

















The fringe/sequin combo is a fun look.



















This is classic red carpet CZJ.




















Loving the architectural qualities of this rich dress.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Hello Yellow

22 10 2017


















It takes a bold lady to go full banana.


















Blake looks 9 feet tall in this post-modern graphic.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part V: Print It

15 10 2017


















I already loved Pri’s B&W floral but the two toned belt is the thing that (wait for it) ties it all together.
















Fly butterfly fly!















High/low, shoulders on/off – so many different elements to this pretty fall look.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Dark Matters

15 10 2017
















This dress is cute but I’m obsessed with these heels.















Fine and feathered.














Jules give us a little girly and lots of gams.


















Jen gives us some sheer layers and serious hair envy.


















This is a regal look with bejeweled drama.