This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Best in Class

14 11 2010

I don’t know why now but for some reason, this week was so chock full of celebrity red carpet moments that we’re dividing them up into best and worst.  Among the best, we have some surprises including stars never before featured that may become ones to watch, with the younger crowd giving the more established actresses a run for the red carpet.

You know that it’s an exceptional week when Anne makes the best dressed section.  Despite the lank lacks, I’m really into this look and it’s easy-going attitude.  The color is amazing and the little details (should feathers, modern draping) really punch up the dress.  For once, tights actually seem to work and I like that the feathers are echoed in the bag too.  Great work, Annie!

Extra points for the life-size Rocker Ken doll, Gwen!  I’m really into her elegant dress, jazzed up with the metallic sheer mini-bodice.  It’s a great way to make the tweed a little more fun without sacrificing the ladylike aspect of the dress.

There’s something very fresh and glowing about Gwyneth’s look here.  The dress is a tad odd but I like it, especially how the strange bodice is tempered by the girly skirt.  I’m not feeling the round-toe shoes but the great hair and makeup distract me enough to forget them.

Would a week ever be complete with Ms. Berry’s best dressed look?  This LBD is so superbly simple – it’s obviously all about the cleavage so everything else is underplayed.  Another perfect look for Halle.

Another great LDB moment, courtesy of Zoe.  After a little too much red carpet time, Zoe’s taken a break so it’s refreshing to see her out again now.  I love the fabric and inside out stitching along with the great grey suede platforms.  Sleek and ladylike but not boring.

Want a little color break?  Shakira’s metallic mini is a great palette cleanser.  People usually say that you should limit your exposure but I don’t think that rule applies to musicians.  This dress is playful and sexy without going into Katy Perry territory.

I can’t remember the last time I included Miley at all, let alone in a best dressed moment.  The girl seems to spend her time in short shorts and shredded T’s or risque performance outfits.  That’s why it’s so refreshing to see her looking her age in a lovely, girly look. 

I am j’adoring Camilla’s Herra gown.  The unusual color combo along the details (sash, floral design) are such a fresh look for the red carpet.  Granted, not everyone can pull it off but she does, making the gown feel young and modern.

You know you’re having a good week when you work two great looks on the red carpet.  Natalie’s a perpetual Rodarte fan but sometimes those dresses are too avant garde for the red carpet.  The designers’ looks are now a little more mainstream with this dress as proof that you can make modern look pretty. 

When going for all purple, you want to straddle the line between regal and Fraggle.  Natalie’s Lanvin is a graceful dress that fits her silhouette well, adding curves with its subtle draping.  The Audrey Hepburn hair is a great touch.

Amidst so much to choose from, especially on the Young Hollywood side, Emma’s two looks eclipse everyone.  I can’t decide which I like better.  The one shoulder dress, with its combination of fabrics, feels young and clean.  The sexy lace and feather mini wouldn’t look out of place in Vegas but doesn’t go into vulgar territory.  I also love how great everything looks with her new hair and that she adjusts her makeup to fit the mood of each look.  I’ve never read a Harry Potter book but these outfits do seem to have some magic.




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