This Week in Jolie-Pitt Adventures: Kung Fu Family

23 05 2011

Everyone’s childhood is different.  You got tuna fish sandwiches and lectures.  The Jolie-Pitt’s get movie premieres with their foxy parents.

Ang is working her usual black, with a sexy slit and slinky top.  It’s funny how it comes off totally sexy yet she’s mostly covered up.  Great ponytail too.  Want a closeup?

What’s with the beige, Brad?  Feeling like a wallflower or wanting to let your lady shine? 

Up close, I’m actually coveting Angie’s belt, which has a chic ninja vibe to it.

Z’s her usual fashionable self, rocking a kiddie trench and pink boots.  I like Pax’s grown up blazer and sneaks combo, a la Dad.

I’ve never used the word cape in a positive way but I am loving Angie’s version.  So many of them Mary Poppins, but this version is sleek and almost kimono-like.

Shi’s got a great combo at work and bonus points for the tie.  Mad could set quite a few trends with his ensemble.




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28 05 2011
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