This Week in Celebrity Fashion: No Rules

21 07 2013

Summer is a time for freedom, isn’t it?  A time when wearing neon to work and rocking green nail polish is totally acceptable.  So why shouldn’t the red carpet reflect that kind of independence?














It’s great to see Zoe so cheery and rockin’ some color.  I like the denim-y feel of this jumpsuit and the way it seems both dressy but relaxed.



















Jennifer’s outfit confuses me.  The top reminds me of a ski sweater, the bottom looks like a tennis skirt and the heels seem like they’re from a completely different look – one that I would probably prefer.















Usually I’m a floral fiend and while I love the color palette of ScarJo’s dress, the pattern is a little too 70’s Carol Brady for me.


















J.Lo’s very mini mini looks very glam and shimmery, managing to be sexy without showing too much.
















Three very different takes on summer looks.  Anna’s working a bold pattern, J.Law’s going for all white and Halle’s hiding her bump with loose, flowy dresses.















Jennifer announced her new role as Max Mara spokesperson and if this is what we can expect from her new closet, I’m less than thrilled.  This dress is crying out for a belt and some tighter tailoring.


















It’s been awhile since CZJ was this sassy on the red carpet and I’m loving  it.  Sexy crisscrossing straps, a great use of metallic and a slit that’s just the right side of naughty.






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