This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Bold Bullock

1 09 2013

Taking a break from mommy wear, Sandy rolls out some major fashion at the Venice film fest, reminding us that yes, she’s still a star.

















This might be one of the first times I’ve actually loved colorblocking.  The neons are tempered by the ladylike cut of her dress and the skin colored sandals that seem nearly invisible.

















Making high-waisted pants sexy, Sandy’s working a casual chic vibe that switches up the color palette to dark on top and light on bottom.  Love the flowy tank and the “she means business” heels.

Opening Ceremony And 'Gravity' Premiere - The 70th Venice International Film Festival














You can’t be obsessed with celebrity fashion without envisioning what you would wear if you ever had the chance.  In my red carpet fantasies, I’ve always thought that I would go for red – and this shade would be perfect.  Sandy’s sculptural gown makes her look ten feet tall (with an added foot for that updo).  I’m especially feeling her heels – with the double bows.




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