This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: A Little Bit Lacy

8 09 2013

Nothing makes me swoon as much as a little bit of lace.  Preferably black but any color will do.  It’s more demure and sexy, timeless and of the moment.  It’s perfection.

















I rarely include models because it’s a rigged game but Miranda’s gown was worth making an exception for.  There’s something very 1800’s about the shape of it, especially the lush velvet skirt that’s not only embroidered but has a mini-train.  But the top is decidedly modern, with its boldness.

"The Railway Man" Premiere - Arrivals - 2013 Toronto International Film Festival















Does lace go with menswear?  Absolutely, as Nic proves.  Throw it on a jacket and keep the fit super slim.  Super chic even without the uber feminine heels.

'The Bridge - America' - Red Carpet Arrivals


















Possibly the sexiest suspenders ever?  Diane’s dress is sweet yet sexy, with a simple shape that’s wearable by anyone.  Love the addition of the red pumps and the fun evening bag.

















Same woman but a much different look, ethereal and princess-y.  The color is very flattering and layers don’t overwhelm her.  It’s girly without feeling too twee.


"Dallas Buyers Club" Premiere - Arrivals - 2013 Toronto International Film Festival














On the flip side of that is Jennifer, in a dress that feels too young for her.  Looking off the rack and better suited to a Disney star, Jen fails to deliver a great lace look.

"Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom" Premiere - Arrivals - 2013 Toronto International Film Festival














This is such an Audrey dress that I expect Cary Grant to magically appear.  It’s the dress little girls dream about wearing when they grow up.  I love the lace “collar” and layers of detail.
















I’m sure I’ve seen this as a swinging 60’s wedding dress, complete with go-go boots.  Is it over the top?   A little but in the very best way.  I love the whole top and the lush sleeves.  Then it starts to get a little “nightie-ish” but I’ll forgive it for the hot heels.

Valentino Ball At Palazzo Volpi - The 70th Venice International Film Festival












Looking like the top of their own wedding cake, Keira and her man strike a pose.  I love Keira’s dress, which looks sedate until you see that it’s actually all sheer.  Love the drama.




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