Emmys ’13: Pretty in Pink

22 09 2013





















This is like a Georgia O’Keefe painting come to life, with its layers of deep fuschia.  While I’m not crazy about the hip extension, the color makes up for any design flaws.






















Sometimes, January goes for crazy and sometimes she goes for safe.  Giving us her best “yelling at Sally pose,” January goes for pretty pale goddess.  I miss the crazy.




















There’s so much going on here that I feel like I need a map to follow it all.  But given the snoozers on this year’s red carpet, I’ll take dusty pink roller coaster over bland.






















Pink?  Purple?  With the metallic tint, it’s hard to tell.  But this doesn’t look luxe enough for Alfre.















Body-wise, this looks great.  But there is such a thing as too much minimalism and this is it.  Plus, the red carpet is no place for upper abs.





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