Emmys ’13: Wanna Wear White?

22 09 2013

Ladies, please join the pre-awards webcast next time, to avoid all wearing the same idea.



















So much going on that I got lost in it.  Flowers in the bodice and on the skirt make her seem like a Grecian goddess who got tangled up in the garden.






















I like Kate’s attitude and that dress, one of the few edgy looks on the red carpet.  A little bit of sheer, a whole lotta leg and a pattern that makes white interesting.






















You don’t have to be Sofia Vergara but flattening your assets isn’t necessary.  Claire’s dress feels very Nantucket bridal and I’m not feeling her too light makeup.




















Origami madness!  Emilia’s dress literally looks like something that a designer crumpled up in the reject pile.  The funny thing is in a different color, it could have been lovely.






















I’m so starved for color that B&W becomes exciting.  Elisabeth’s dress is interesting for the texture only.























Her dress is draped to one side and her hair to another.  This makes me feel as wilted as the vines on that dress.

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals













It wasn’t a lady who looked best in white but a ladies man.  Jon Hamm, looking all kinds of scruffilicious, made all other looks in white disappear.




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