This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Color Chameleons

29 09 2013

Maybe it’s that last mad dash for brightness before winter comes around but celebs are hitting colors really hard.














J. Lo’s reliving her Jenny from the block days in this In Living Color mini and hot heels.  Tres sexy and fun.  And I love how Caspar’s all black look serves as backdrop – what an accessory.

Sandra Bullock Immortalized With Hand And Footprint Ceremony At The TCL Chinese Theatre In Celebration Of Her New Film "Gravity"













There’s actually a lot going on here with the two contrasting prints but because they’re so small, it’s in balance.  Which allows for bright, fun heels.


















This I’m just crazy about.  Sheer details on the top?  Adore!  Bright pleated mini?  Nuts about!  B&W strappies?  Just lost my mind!




Wanda Film Production Center Ground Breaking Ceremony & Red Carpet Show















It’s always great to see CZJ but this straight out of Miss America gown feels too safe and dull for someone like her, even thought it’s a great color.

















But this look is killer.  Coral?  Floral?  I can’t tell but I love the interplay of the colors, the contrast of the overlay and her totally glam hair.

Metropolitan Opera Season Opening Production Of "Eugene Onegin"













Diane’s gown is the kind that walks into the room 10 mins. before you and leaves 10 mins. after.  In other words?  Drama.  I love the pop of red at the waist but it’s the red inside that’s really fun.  It’s three classic colors worn creatively.






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