This Week in Kimye Romance: Karats & Kongratulations!

23 10 2013

kim-kardashians-engagement-ring-see-the-huge-rock-02Kongratulations, Kanye and Kim

You are living a dream

Don’t have, like, any worries

Thank God for little Nori

It is, like, no surprise

Your butt is back to its original size

And  let’s just mention “the karat”

Which is big like mountain Ararat

If you like don’t know where it is

Sorry I love to tease

The mountain is in Armenia

No, not like in Pennsylvania

So what is next  a trip to the moon?

Is this in your plans, like, soon?

You might need space kouture

For your famous kurvature

I heard that a video can make a girl rich

But you are something else bitch

Again Kongratulations

Oh no there are no frustrations

I wish you all the best

Keep it private, like, give us a rest!!!!!!!!

poem kourtesy of Chixpix




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