This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Metallica

27 10 2013


















Yes to the hair and makeup but the rest of the outfit ages Hilary a bit, even thought it fits her perfectly.  The jacket with a mini or the pants with a shiny tank would have been a better choice.


















At what price pockets?  It’s like there’s a whole other dress in the back and with so much shine and Jackson Pollock abstract, it’s a bit blinding.  Love the heels though.

Thor: The Dark World premiere















I love a simple top with a ballgown skirt, just not this one.  Maybe if the top had a bit of a sheen or there was a belt adding some definition at the waist.  This just has a slapped together feel.

Reese Witherspoon Attends The Pirch Store Launch
















The last time Reese looked this good, it was in her “hot divorcee” phase.  I love the loose waves in her hair and the length suits her.  The  metallic skirt on this dresses jazzes things up.
















There’s something very Euro about a jacket hanging off your shoulders.  Diane’s gold gown’s blue and gray embellishments only enhance an already lovely look.




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