This week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: A Week’s Worth of Black

27 10 2013
















Seriously Jane Fonda, it’s a little bit ridiculous how you manage to look younger than chicks half your age.  Sexy pantsuit, kitten heels and a perfectly layered shag?  Killing it.

2nd Annual Australians In Film Awards Gala













I don’t know if Isla has a tendency to make every dress look like something from junior miss or if that’s the look she’s going for but I wish she would take it up a notch.


Giorgio Armani - One Night Only NYC - SuperPier - Arrivals















There’s the no-makeup look and then there’s this.  If your outfit is going to be so basic, at the very least go for bright lips or a smoky eye, Renee.

Giorgio Armani - One Night Only NYC - SuperPier - Arrivals
















Olivia looks like a sexy boxer going into the ring.  This look is very chic but the opera coat keeps it from revealing too much.

Whitney Museum of American Art Gala & Studio Party 2013 Supported By Louis Vuitton - Arrivals













Effortlessly adorable as always, Michelle’s LBD’s layers keep it interesting while the little bow straps are almost too cute.


















This look is all about the details – the shoulder edging, the faux zipped sheer.  Interesting but not too nuts.
















Sandy continues to rule the red carpet with yet another flawless look.  The bodice on this dress?  To die for.  Tossled waves, red lips?  Can’t get any better.




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