This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Sheer Chic

10 11 2013

A lot of strategic sheer going on this week.  But it’s one of those ideas that can easily veer off into attention-grabbing tackiness.

DELIVERY MAN Premieres in LA











I’m over this look already.  The first few times we saw this, it was a little bit shocking but now it’s played out.  Plus, fashion needs to be more than just displaying the most skin.












What I like about Ashanti’s look is that the sheer elements are stylistically part of the dress so that it’s more than just “hey, look at me.”  The colors are pretty too.

LACMA 2013 Art + Film Gala - Arrivals













There’s very little dress here but the design keeps it somewhat PG-13.













Carrie changes up her signature style here but the sheer isn’t too bold and for a girl used to wearing short-shorts, this is actually demure.

Premiere Of Marvel's "Thor: The Dark World" - ArrivalsPremiere Of Marvel's "Thor: The Dark World" - Arrivals















You may not know who Jaime Alexander is but after this red carpet sighting, she’s definitely on more radars.  The thing about wearing a dress like this is that you’re working way too hard.  Plus, front & back exposure is too tacky.




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