This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Best Basics

10 11 2013

In the end, after all the color explosions, black and white is endlessly inventive and chic.












Lupita continues to breath fresh air into the red carpet with yet another super simple look that stands out.  My favorite part of this gown is the unexpected tie across the collarbone, which adds a post-modern twist to a traditional Grecian.













It’s pretty fussy but there’s something about this Chanel mini that makes me smile.

Guggenheim International Gala, Made Possible By Dior












This is where being a designer isn’t enough.  This overly simplistic dress falls flat and looks like an at-home project gone bad.

Guggenheim International Gala, Made Possible By Dior














Natalie’s might be part of the same collection because the ad hoc randomness of the unflattering pieces just kills the look.



Gwyneth Paltrow Launches Printemps Haussmann's Christmas Decorations













This dress is timeless and would look just as fresh 50 years from now.



Equality Now Presents "Make Equality Reality" Event















I like the modern vibe of this metallic dress but Jada’s lack of hair is too much Blade Runner for me.


















Drew seems to have a really tough time figuring out how to be a mom and still maintain her sexy.



















What I love about this chain neckline is that Jessica looks like she’s going to the fashion Thunderdome for a major chic bout.  A memorable detail for an otherwise traditional dress.

L.A. Times Envelope Screening Series - "Gravity" Special Screening And Q&A
















It’s funny that my fave look is actually the simplest.  A sweater that adds sexy lace sleeves and a simple leather pencil skirt are just the right mix of naughty/nice for Sandy.













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