This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Style-giving

1 12 2013

As we enter in awards season, I’m thankful for the upcoming red carpets.  If they’re anything like this week’s sassy choices, I’m really looking forward to what awaits us.















Paula went short all the way around – while I’m not sure how I feel about her hair yet, I am loving her mini with the sheer, shirred sleeves.

















Emmy always goes for girly so it’s great to see her rocking a sexy jumpsuit with sheer elements.

















I can’t 100% see all of Gwyn’s look but I’m feeling the blue flowers on what looks like velvet.  Very festive.



















Black and white still makes me happiest which is why Ziyi’s gown delivers just the right amount of drama.


















This feels like a weird optical illusion and if I look at it for too long, I feel like I’m getting dizzy.


















On the other hand, this whole look is adorable.  Sometimes, horizontal stripes work and the color palette is great.  Bonus points for having two different colors on the strappy shoes too.




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