This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Daredevils

8 12 2013

2013 Dubai International Film Festival - Day 1













No one would ever accuse Cate of a lack of boldness.  Rocking full on eggplant, she throws on a necklace that would be more than most women can handle.

Aby Rosen & Samantha Boardman Dinner At The Dutch













Sheer dress over a bra & jeans?  Nose ring?  Dark lips?  Yeah, that’s Lisa & Lenny’s girl all right.

British Fashion Awards 2013 - Red Carpet Arrivals














I had to look at this suit twice to figure it out but I think it’s fun even though Rosie seems to be taking it very seriously.
















And why not a cape?



















There is a lot going on with Diane’s dress – not only is it straight up sheer but every inch in embroidered.





















The dress could have stopped mid-thigh and been fine but then it decided to extend into…sheer madness!




















A sheer…sweatshirt?  Over a ballgown?  Am I hallucinating?

"Gravity" Premiere In Tokyo


























Why do I feel like Sandy’s going to bust out into a yodel?

'Public Enemies' Presentation At 13th Marrakech International Film Festival







































Dior Hosts Dinner At Marrakech International Film Festival

























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