This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Midi

2 02 2014
















Jessica’s gone for the new bob that’s sweeping Hollywood and she’s also roughing up her dainty dress with dark lips and sassy heels.

Halle Berry In Acapulco, Mexico For Closing Of 9th Annual Acapulco Film Festival














New mom Halle looks great in her first post-baby red carpet outing.  But when does she ever not?

Hollywood Stands Up To Cancer Presented By The Entertainment Industry Foundation And Event Chairs Jim Toth And Reese Witherspoon Benefiting Stand Up To Cancer - Red Carpet














While I love the electric blue, I can’t stand dresses that show weird body parts.  I don’t care how toned you are, that’s just not attractive.

29th Santa Barbara International Film Festival -  Outstanding Performer of the Year Award to Cate Blanchett














I get the idea of this dress but it’s a little too retro for me and I think the lack of color washes out Cate.
















Before Jess’s haircut, she was working a cute & fun ladylike look.




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