This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Bright Nights

2 03 2014

Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood - Vanity Fair And Chrysler Toast American Hustle
















Gorgeous color and a great shape.

GREY GOOSE Presents "12 Years A Slave" Dinner















Super fun print and I love the heels.

Chanel And Charles Finch Pre-Oscar Dinner














Naomie takes a break from discreet sexiness for a more mature look that’s a bit of a snoozer.

















I’m all for experimentation but I don’t get how this even qualifies as a red carpet dress.

Nina Ricci : Outside Arrivals - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015















Jess is tres chic at Paris Fashion Week, with a pastel combo that’s heightened with the pink lips and heels.
















And then Naomie’s back to strategic flashes on skin with this barely closed shorty jacket.

2014 ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon















Absolutely loving Kerry’s curls and thrilled that she finally find an appropriate bump dress that’s a lovely color.

















Paula may be breaking up with Robin but she’s not breaking up with fashion.  This mini dress is sexy but still classy in a lovely Easter egg yellow.
















While I’m loving Reese’s hair, this outfit is a bit of a disaster because it manages to make her both shorter and wider.

LoveGold Honors Academy Award Nominee Lupita Nyong'o


















Blue eyeshadow is back, baby!  Lupita’s shines brightly in a well-shaped sheath.


















Love a busy floral and crazy about Michelle’s heels.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama Appears At A Q&A With Ann Curry Courtesy Of The Lourdes Foundation
















Come on Lupita, now you’re just embarrassing the other ladies.  Another great print that’s bold but not brassy.

















I’m not sure what’s going on with Kate’s look.  The blouse is ok but the mini makes it bland and too boring.
















Alright Lu, enough is enough.  You’re up for a gold statue today but you’ve already won bronze.




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