This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Mix & Match

9 03 2014

With awards season exhaustingly over, it’s time to get back to the regular red carpet which is surprisingly interesting this week.














Loving everything about Freida’s dress – from the strong design to the netting at the hem.

We Day UK - Arrivals















Now that JHud’s hair pixie has grown a bit, I think it really suits her.  As does this sassy pose with a very chic spring ensemble that every girl can find in her closet.
















It’s like a fringed shawl grew into a dress.  A fun look that works for a Texas red carpet.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Presents "2014 Los Angeles Dinner: What You Do Matters"

















I’m a little uncomfortable with a red carpet at the Holocaust museum but I guess it’s okay?  Regardless of the venue, Kate’s gown is super dramatic although the train is a little much.















This dress reminds me of those magic acts where they saw the lady in the box in half.  All girls would love to look like their waist is that tiny but the oddness of the two pieces orbiting as if in space is a high price to pay.
















This is a fresh take on the short tops we’re seeing.  Kristen goes for a full elegant skirt but a very bold cropped top that gives this look an edgy, world-fashion feel.

















Oh these jumpsuits.  I get that they feel like a fresh way to rock the red carpet but there’s something so 70’s Saturday morning about them.  Still, Lake’s neckline and draping keeps this from being dowdy.
















Eva’s looks are dramatic enough but when she goes for a gown like this, it’s extra unique.  It’s all about those caped sleeves.




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