This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Drama

29 03 2014

I am really starting to get into the whole cape/jacket around the shoulders look.  There’s something very grand and French chic about it, like you can’t be bothered with sleeves.





















"Noah" New York Premiere



Jennifer continues her new edginess with a lot of strange combos – leather and tweed are not a natural fit – and the red booties really confuse me.





















Emma’s pose is kind of funny, like she’s posing for you against her will.  But her dress isn’t a joke at all, from the way it’s layered around the embroidery to the cool neckline and goth sleeves.Paramount Pictures Presents the US Premiere of "NOAH" After Party





















"Noah" New York Premiere


And then she goes full on glamour, with a gown that has its own zip code.




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