This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Let the Light In

27 04 2014











I don’t care how Chanel this is, what grown woman wants to look like an 8 year old girl at her older brother’s bar mitzvah?  There’s such a thing as trusting too much in a label.


















Everyone was swooning over Emma’s gown but I think she disappears in it.  I could see it on a taller, darker girl.  I’m also confused about her new hair – the bangs are a cute update but what’s with the Kardashian-style ombre?





"Every Secret Thing" Premiere - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival











It might be a little summer wedding but I’m liking Diane’s grown up red carpet look and the lace design is gorgeous.  By going loose updo and simple makeup, she keeps the look young.





"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" New York Premiere - Inside Arrivals












Another care of a pale girl in a pale dress although Felicity’s dress is at least a little more interesting than Emma’s.  Loving the bright lips.

















I don’t know why but this outfit struck me, mostly because it’s unusual.  The metallic elements combined with the softness of the cut and fabric make this stand out.





Jennifer Lawrence spotted leaving the " Good Morning America " in New York City












J-Law seems to be two people: the klutz who falls at the Oscars and stays whatever comes to mind and the fashionista in ads for Dior and who rocks this look like a supermodel.  Loving the jacket and the blunt bob.















I wonder if Sofia ever wants to take a day off from being a sex bomb because it has to be exhausting making sure you look Playboy ready 24/7.  This lingerie inspired dress is pretty but a little “2nd wedding in Vegas.”

















Speaking of sex bomb, La Lopez is really working it out on Idol.  This look is super hot and almost too good to waste sitting behind that desk.




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