This Week in Kimye Romance: Kim Goes West, a poem celebrating the greatest love the world has ever known

27 05 2014





Madame West

Give it a rest

Again, another encore

We can’t take it anymore!

Three weddings and a child?

We’re all going wild!

We got it, you’re a trophy

But(t) for us mortals, it’s like being on morphine



Vacations all over the world, lately Greece

Yes, we remember the tape release

Cries, tears, divorces

His and hers mini-horses

You were in your livery

Even in delivery!




















We heard jokes about your butt

Which in itself is a piece of art

The cute baby in camouflage

And your deep, deep decolletage

Never flats, always heels and boots

Couture dresses and suits

Please take pity on us

We are simple middle class













To be perfectly clear

We can’t compete with your famous rear

But(t) jealousy plays a role

Yet after all, we have a soul

So congratulations to both of you

And to little Nori too

Now please hide somewhere on a farm

Your happiness does us emotional harm


Commemorative poem courtesy of Chixpix




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