This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Summer Black

8 06 2014










Hats on to Coco for delivering a head to toe epic look, reminiscent of 50’s Harper’s Bazaar.  It’s so retro glam that it’s post-modern.






Shiseido 'Cle de Peau Beaute' Press Conference







There’s something cheerfully imperfect about Amanda’s look that I really like.  Her dress is lovely (sheer sleeves are always amazing), the shiny metallic underskirt is a cute touch with the nude heels but it’s the simple hair and makeup that keep things from getting too serious.


















Yes to the diva attitude!  Her cut is growing out nicely and sets the stage for an interesting gown.
















I’m sure this was a pain all night, dropping into the salad dressing, flopping into people’s wine glasses.  But it’s so Age of Innocence pretty that the inconvenience should be worth it.
















There’s no week when Ang isn’t wearing black but this is just background for those killer heels.









Los Angeles Confidential Celebrates The Women Of Influence Issue With Robin Wright







I am terrified of Claire Underwood but I love Robin Wright on the red carpet.  This is such a simple look but the lace details, with matching heels is just perfect.








42nd AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Jane Fonda - Arrivals









CZJ goes for very classic and proper in a dress that’s less about fashion than about style.





42nd AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Jane Fonda - Backstage And Audience







Cam continues to lead the jumpsuit brigade with a simple low-cut look that’s modern and easy.










2014 Chrysalis Butterfly Ball







What I like about Diane’s slightly edgy dress is the way the strappies add a burst of unexpected color.








Hollywood Celebrities Honored At Huading Film Awards




Now this is the Halle we know – an unusual gown with dramatic draping and just enough skin to make this PG13.











42nd AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Jane Fonda - Award Presentation






Come on Jane, tell us your secrets because this is ridiculous.  Not only is her gown amazing but she continues to be frozen in a land that time forget.











Spike TV's "Guys Choice 2014" - Arrivals







I like a dress I haven’t seen before and this mini definitely grabs my attention with its built in intricacy.  Also, I’d like smoky eyes to make a comeback.








Spike TV's "Guys Choice 2014" - Arrivals







Jess doesn’t work as much as she used to but she definitely work it out on the red carpet.  Hot dress, hot heels, hot tan.








Hollywood Celebrities Honored At Huading Film Awards








Sometimes a gown is just lovely, without the need for lots of description.  Lucy looks so elegant without going stodgy.




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