This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Bright Lights

20 07 2014








Selena is determined to show everyone that she’s all grown up although I’m sure the point could have been made without the bra making such a bold statement.  Try as she might, she still comes off more sweet than sultry.














Isn’t this a perfect summer dress?  The flowers, the shape, the heels – it all just works flawlessly.











2014 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour - CBS, CW And Showtime Party






I love Lizzy’s dress but the laceup heels look like she’s being tortured.


















Emma as a redhead just works.  This dress, with its bold colors and owls (!) does too.


















Loving Jessica’s sassy aerodynamic sheath.

















While Megan isn’t back in bombshell mode, she finally makes a red carpet return after mommy duty.















If your movie’s called Sex Tape, I’d expect a red carpet look that’s a little better than “Aunt Margo’s robe from the 70’s.”




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