This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Bright Fall

7 09 2014
















While I love purple, the waist of this dress has me so confused that the color is overwhelmed by the odd design.










This look is so girly that the lace top is almost too sweet when paired with the embroidered skirt of this dress.  I like the colored heels, they add a little edge.
















While the color of Cam’s wide leg jumpsuit is gorgeous on her, the amount of fabric seems so unnecessary for someone rather known for her physique.


















There’s something very “modern romance” about Jessica’s look.  The dress is wow, from the color to the embroidery, and the punky heels add a much needed punch.











"The Face Of An Angel" Premiere - Arrivals - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival









There’s some interesting things happening with this jumpsuit.  I like the way the bodice seems wrapped and then trails down her legs.  And while Kate loves neutrals, this blush is warm and looks great.


















This is more of a shirt than a dress but Kirsten pulls it off with panache.  The color is amazing and the little sequins at the shoulder give it some dazzle.


















This is an unusually romantic look for Nicole and I support the change, not only because I like the butterflies.  The greens and blues paired with the shape soften her up.


















Hello stranger!  We’ve gotten used to seeing very little of Renee (what does she do all the time?) but she still looks great.  Another blonde in red moment with a dress that plays with shape and heels that make the look pop.  The hair is another story.









Chopard And Vanity Fair Present 'Backstage At Cinecitta' Exhibition - Red Carpet - 71st Venice Film Festival







This is how a grown up lady works a crop.  Not only is this bordeaux beautiful on Uma but the top is actually cropped, a la mode, but is covered by a sheer layer that drapes softly.  Nice necklace too.




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