This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Dark Fall

14 09 2014








There’s a lot happening here – the leather dress with its lace overlay didn’t need the shiny flair at the bottom.  And no one needs those bizarre white strappies – unless you’re Sophia from The Golden Girls.














Jada may be playing a villain on Gotham but she’s not committing any fashion crimes here.  This super sexy look works perfectly.










'The Hundred Foot Journey' Premiere - 40th Deauville American Film Festival






What a dame!  Helen goes for sexy lacy in a provocative but elegant way.

















I like when Emma plays up her bob 20’s style.  This fun look feels very flapperesque without being stagy.










Gotham Magazine Celebrates September Cover Star Elisabeth Moss At Tender Restaurant






There’s a lot of shapes happening here.  The sleeves that bell out from the boatneck and the skirt that’s like a geometry lesson.  Elisabeth makes it work.


















For Rose, this is downright punky.  I love the way the simple black look comes alive with the aquamarine lace.







"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Sydney Photo Call




Megan’s feeling pretty badass – her hair is shorter & darker, which really transforms her look into something edgier.  That doesn’t make me like the skirt though.


















Yesssss!  Jennifer Lopez is going to whup every little chica who thinks she can beat this.  Love the heels.
















After Ang, the right leg look should be retired.  But J. Lo’s 1/2 bodysuit 1/2 leotard definitely keeps the trend going.




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