This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: The Light Shift

14 09 2014

The Hollywood Reporter and Micaela Erlanger Celebrate Fashion Week with Olivia Munn at the Gramercy Park Hotel







Damn, that’s a mini, Munn!  I’m not sure if this legally qualifies as a dress but it’s cute.








"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Sydney Premiere - Arrivals







This whole look feels very South Beach.  I’m not sure that’s a compliment.
















A little post-modern skirt action from Kim.  I’m ambivalent about her recycling the same shoes.  It’s not like she doesn’t have 100 pairs, why do I have to get bored seeing the same 10?  And it’s not like the shoe money is going to cure cancer.















Yes, this dress looks a little like cheesecloth.  But Felicity’s so cute that somehow I forget to notice.
















I don’t like Julianne in white, I think it washes her out.  But I love Kate in red, she looks so glamorous.










"The Keeping Room" Premiere - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival









I feel like Mrs. Roper wore something very similar on Three’s Company.  And I don’t think Hailee meant this ironically.






"The Keeping Room" Premiere - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival






I expect an indie girl to have an indie look and this crop top & evening skirt delivers that.  It’s an odd pairing but it works on Brit.

















Diane’s never one to resist an oddity and this dress is that.  I like the purple but I don’t understand anything else that’s going on.









'Dolphin Tale 2'  world premiere - Arrivals






I love everything about this – gorgeous, happy dress & perfect heels.




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