This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Light Fall

5 10 2014








A little origami adds some pizzazz to Leighton’s mini.  I like the interplay of black & white on top and the white folds in the barely there skirt.









The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' Hollywood Costume Opening Party - Arrivals







First of all, I think Michelle’s lighter hair and soft makeup look amazing on her.  While I’m not sure that this key dress unlocks my heart, it’s definitely a change from what we normally see.









Actress Hilary Swank attends Opening Night of the 37th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival at the Art Club in Mill Valley







Take about piecework.  Hils is back with a lot of design in one simple dress.  While I like the flowers, I think there’s too much other stuff going on.
















What a great blue.  I would have liked this dress just as much without the open stomach.  That’s just a weird non-sexy zone to expose.


















Rosie is just killing it in this jumpsuit.  Vertical stripes in sequins?  Sounds like a disaster but she gives it the full 70’s vibe.










You Can't Take It With You Opening Party Arrivals








Why don’t we see more bronze on the red carpet?  It’s a universally flattering color.  This slightly browner version looks great on Rose.  Love the sharp bob too.








The cast of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' promoting their movie







Hello, Megan!  Giving full Sexyface in a rather boring ensemble.




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