This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Pale Fall

12 10 2014








This looks very much like 2nd time bride.  The pale gray would be sad without the embroidery.











"Eden" Premiere - 52nd New York Film Festival








This looks like a grown up version of a little girl’s party dress.








The Imitation Game - opening film






This is Keira’s signature dress style and it’s gorgeous, especially the lovely layers of floating lace and nearly invisible sleeves.  The pink heels are a surprise.









New York  Premiere of ST. VINCENT Hosted by The Weinstein Company with Lexus





More pale from Naomi but this dress, while sparkly, washes her out.

















I’m loving the lace details on Lizzy’s seemingly sweet dress.  The sexy surprise at the waist adds a little bad girl to the good girl loo.















Demi resurfaces in a shimmery dress with epically long hair.











Julianne Hough illuminates the Empire State Building





Julianne’s hair looks a little too done but her adorable jumpsuit looks great.  The illusion details at the neck and down the front add a risque element to the pure white and little bow.











It's Only A Play Opening Night - Arrivals





There has to be a point where showing your bra is passe, right?  SJP’s giant doily of a dress looks a bit puffed up for her and the black bra is a bit desperate.


















This would make a great beach wedding gown.




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