This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Knowns & Unknowns

19 10 2014








I don’t know what’s shorter – B’s new bangs or her romper.










"Foxcatcher" - Amex Gala Premiere VIP Arrivals - 58th BFI London Film Festival






Sienna takes a break from boho for a little grown up chic.
















Sometimes, a classic leopard print is all you need.









FOX Event








I wouldn’t have thought that pairing two fall colors like this green and burgundy would work so well together.  And the heels are so cute.

















Someone’s feeling like a princess!















Dear Jen:

Always wear bright colors.








Hammer Museum 12th Annual Gala In The Garden With Generous Support From Bottega Veneta







I like when January holds back the full crazy for just a little wildness.
















This is the 2nd time Michelle’s rocked D&G’s key motif and I love the way the two designs play together here.










The 2014 Hamptons International Film Festival - Day 4










Sometimes, we see things on the red carpet we aren’t meant to understand.




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