This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Pre-Halloween Dark Magic

26 10 2014







Olivia goes a little black swan in a dress that’s flirty and fun.















I’m loving Kerri’s makeup and modern dress (with its vague sleeping bag look), I just think the hair would have looked better over the shoulder.










W Hotels "Turn It Up For Change" Launch to Benefit The Human Rights Campaign





Is it negligee or negligant to wear your bra out there like J-Hud?  The look is a little much, mostly because it doesn’t lay smoothly on her but is all pulled together.  But the hair and makeup are on point.


















The concept of this dress is great but it goes a little too far with the length.  Also, Anne could work on her red carpet attitude a bit.
















Bits and pieces make Felicity’s dress unusual but playful.








Halle Berry Scandale Paris Unveiling






If you’re Halle Berry and you’re promoting your new bra line, there’s no better to showcase your merchandise than with your own body.  Halle looks great, despite the mom bob, in a sleek sexy look that I’m sure wasn’t purchased at Target.














Nicole does regal almost better than anyone.  This navy gown may be classic but she wears it with timeless elegance.











Despite posing like a 2nd grader, Nicole’s vaguely Asian dress is dramatic and perfect for Halloween.









ELLE's 21st Annual Women In Hollywood - Arrivals






While everyone’s talking about Renee Z’s new face, I was loving the back of her dress.  Let’s recognize that not only Renee but many other Hollywood ladies aren’t au naturel above the neck or below it.  If you were judged on your looks every day, would you be?

ELLE's 21st Annual Women In Hollywood - Arrivals




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