This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Step Into The Light

26 10 2014







That smirk kind of belies the good girl sweetness of this pretty lace look.








'Low Down' Los Angeles Premiere







This slightly 60’s look looks a little overwhelming on Elle’s slight frame but it’s very pretty florals.
















Blake takes the plunge in her first baby bump reveal going for Kardashian-type exposure.















Jessica insists on wearing pale colors that don’t give her the glam that dark colors do.















Yes, Kate’s hair has a pink tint.  But it’s her sequin stunner that stands out.

















One of the rare times that I haven’t like Reese’s look, this gown is too much for her petite frame.








Fondation Louis Vuitton Opening - Photocall







LV or not, this look is a little too edgy for me, mostly because it does nothing for Michelle.  And those boots are not helping.















Mod dress, modern look.  Loving Michelle’s simple look with a great smoky eye.

















This day dress is a bit of a mess but I still like it.










CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Event Hosted By Diane von Furstenberg, Reese Witherspoon, Mark Holgate, And Lisa Love










Loving Reese’s look, from head (great weaves) to toe (adorable heels), with a fun dress that looks perfect on her.  Dakota looks cute too, not like a girl about to get nasty in 50 Shades.




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