This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Fashion Potpourri

2 11 2014

"BEST OF ME" Premiere Mumbai - Arrivals







I love everything about Michelle’s look, from the brocade floral dress in an unexpected light green to her gorgeous lace up gold heels.
















Kate’s lace dress is the perfect color and I’m shocked that the orange heels actually work with the look.


















It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Salma this glammed up.  She works her hourglass perfectly in this gown with its fancy neckline.







Interstellar - UK film premiere







It may take you a few minutes to get past Matthew’s spectacular suit but refocus on Camilla.  Her jumpsuit is hot but it’s the cape that really takes me over the edge.  She’s a fashion superhero.



















Yellow in October?  Why not?  Diane’s simple look is matched by Joshua’s cas stance.














Another great look from this supercouple, Camilla in a color we don’t see a lot but adds a pop of wow, Matthew in a suit that actual men wear.




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