This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Fall Brights

9 11 2014








Loving the vintage feel of this look, with the pleated pale yellow and accenting embroidery.













And then Marion flips the script with the tiered confection in a perfect color.


















Reese’s fuchsia stands out with its delicate illusion shoulders.

















Don’t put your hand on Nicole’s waist if you’re not wearing gloves.  Her artsy gown is beautiful but not exactly made for cuddling.
















Why don’t we see more purple on the red carpet?  Kate’s loooong gown is glam and modern.







Jennifer Lopez exiting NBC studios








Marc Anthony’s engagement?  J. Lo’s too bust strutting in this sleek 70’s inspired look that says “I can’t think about you right now, I’m jetting to Capri.”










Campari Calendar 2015 - Launch Photocall









Despite Eva’s wary expression, her simple but beautiful dress is just right for the red carpet.  Loving the lace up heels too.














Emily must practice posing like that because that’s just not a move you break out spontaneously.  Her gown is beautiful color with just enough details to keep it interesting.

















Daaaaammmmnnnn Michelle!   It’s not the dress that wows but the bold southern exposure.  Kudos to her stylist for making her stand out week after week.










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