This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Bring out the Brights

23 11 2014

MAC And Vogue Celebrate Giambattista Valli








There’s a lot to Amber’s look – the adorable florals looks sweet until you realize that the belt matches tiny boy shorts under that see-through skirt.

















What I like about Anna’s dress is its timelessness.  Anyone, at any age, can look spectacular in it.















The color’s great bu the design is so basic that you wish for a little bedazzlement somewhere.
















Loving everything about Reese’s look, head to toe:

1. Hair: loose and perfect bangs

2. soft makeup

3. the interplay of sheer and lace with the great royal blue












I love unexpected animal print pairings and blue adds a great touch to Jessica’s tiger print.  Great soft waves too.













This would look like a dress from Granny’s closet except for the peekaboo lace front.  But even that doesn’t save it.


















Why doesn’t paisley get more respect?  It’s one of my favorite patterns and I like Olivia’s mix and match pairing.




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