Bafta Beauties 2015

8 02 2015

EE British Academy Film Awards Arrivals













There’s something awkward about tea-length for a big night and the heavy details don’t help.














There’s something very 70’s Faye Dunaway about Julianne’s look and that’s a compliment.  Love the color on her and the side part.
















Reese, why so glum?  You don’t have to make safe choices like these on the red carpet, get WILD!

EE British Academy Film Awards Arrivals














This is going to sound strange but this look is exactly what I’d expect from Felicity after seeing her this awards season.  I can’t get excited about it but it’s pretty enough, although the flowers should have been scattered across the whole skirt.












Not sure why Dianna’s at the BAFTA’s but I’m happy to see another red dress, especially the soft flowy lines and the adorable heels.












This gown feels a little uninspired even though the lavender is pretty.











Loving the belt on Amy’s otherwise bland column.












First I complain about Rosamund’s out of control looks and now I’m bored by her safe choices.

EE British Academy Film Awards 2015 - VIP Arrivals













Yes to Noomi’s sweet & sassy jumpsuit – a little bit of lace, a little bit of sheer and some boss girl pants.









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