This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Flipping the Script

8 02 2015

30th Santa Barbara International Film Festival Virtuosos Award ceremony













First time I’ve seen Rosamund in something normal and it’s a great change.  I love this modern goth-y gown.















Love the sparkle but not sure about the shape, which makes Reese look bigger than she is.















A LBD with a whole lot of metallic sparkle.













Mila’s red carpet return is classic chic with lots of cleavage and a cute shoe.
















Sheryl looks like an artsy stained glass window. I like the neckline cutouts.

Gilt And (RED) Celebrate The Launch Of Jennifer Meyer xo Jessica Alba


















Kerry looks so cute here!  The polka dots paired with the love bag and the bright red lips – everything Olivia Pope would never wear.



















This sequined floral gown made me smile, even if Jena didn’t.  It’s drama, it’s fun , it’s taking a risk.



















Betty Draper!  January goes for a sexy jumpsuit that’s more J. Lo than Mrs. Henry Francis.



















Dakota’s look is a little bit naughty and a little bit nice.  The sweater’s hilarious.

















Stripes & polka dots?  Yes!  I’m going to be trying a version of this look in spring.  #inspired




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