This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Color Chaos

15 02 2015















In the fairy tales, there’s Snow White and Snow Red.  This is what Red should wear.

FENDI celebrates the opening of the New York flagship store














There is a A LOT of color here and it’s way too much for a fashion civilian to attempt.  But I’m happy to see bold colors playing together.















I don’t know why you’re looking behind you Helen, there’s nothing but basics back there.  Love the color, love the silhouette, love the green glam.















Rosario is all in with this look and while it would be cute in pieces, all together gets a little overwhelming.


















Taking a break from steaming her lady parts, Gwynnie makes a very dramatic Grammys appearance.

Jane Fonda













I still haven’t figured out why Jane Fonda is at the Grammys and I’m definitely not sure why this jumpsuit is.  It’s a rare retro misstep for a woman who’s usually as on point as those heels.  Love the necklace though.















This artsy gown reminds me of Mondrian and Klimt.  It’s on of those conceptual ideas that could only work as someone as fashion brave as Cate.

"That Which I Love Destroys Me" Screening














This is such a casual look but for some reason I like it – the tie dye effect, the raw edges and the slouchy shape.




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