This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Lighten Up

22 02 2015

2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards - Arrivals












It may be snowing outside but this dress makes me believe spring is right around the corner.













Being as tall as Laura makes a gown like this work.  I love all the design elements and the color is lovely.














Scarlett & Romain look like the top of a punk rock wedding cake.












Another gown that feels like spring and sunshine.
















I can’t tell you how much I’m loving Michelle’s bold dress.  It’s spirited and fun without taking her over.
















Great mini on Reese, with a beautiful intricacy.
















This is a pretty color but I’m not sure about the design, especially the stomach criss-cross.














Yes to interplanetary sweatshirts and solar system skirts!











No to skirts so big that they force you to keep your man at arm’s length.

'Cinderella' Milan Premiere












This look might be too bold for Cinderella but Lily pulls it off.

















I haven’t seen Kristen do edgy girly this well before.  Love the skirt, confused by the double belts but the shoes redeem it all.

Alfre Woodard's Oscar's Sistahs Soiree Sponsored By White Diamond Lustre, Elizabeth Taylor















So many colors here and how do you find green heels to match one shade in the skirt?
















This good girl/bad girl look is perfection.

k washington















This is the way Kerry should dress more often – bold, brassy and sexy.

















Julianne must be subliminally practicing her very likely best actress win with the Oscar-like mini.
















Counting down the weeks until Mad Men’s final eps?  In the meantime, console yourself with a look that’s more Megan than Betty.  Loving the asymmetrical neckline and great color.













Another dress that teases us about spring.














Sally Draper, my how you’ve grown.  I love the bold green flowers that elevate this look.









Try catching this train.  Emmy’s dramatic gown is all about the bodice and back.














Lucy looks like a fairy princess in this nude gown.














I’m loving Carmen’s saucy jumpsuit.














Not surprising that Dakota would stick to shades of gray.  I like the drama of the fur too.




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