This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: The Colors of the Rainbow

26 04 2015













I hope J. Lo publishes a book one day on posing because she is the the queen.  Not only am I loving this out of control sheer pleated dress, it’s the major posing that sells it.














I normally don’t think of forest green as a sexy color but this sheer dress does make the case for it.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron - UK film premiere













While I’m still unsure about ScarJo’s hair, I do love that gown.

















Salma’s clever little dress is not only a great color but the pleated center makes her waist look tiny.













Yes to the flowers, the blues and the shape.  Bonus points for the multi-colored belt.














This is straight out of the 70’s and the only excuse is hiding a baby bump or getting that extra guac at Chipotle.















Naomi goes for a classically pretty floral that embraces spring.














Michelle continues to embrace the dark side with this gorgeous burgundy.

Variety's Power Of Women New York Presented By Lifetime - Arrivals















Emmy’s look is a one woman ode to spring.  A gorgeous shade and shape.




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