Met Ball ’15:Black is the New Black

4 05 2015

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala - Arrivals












Very regal but not very Chinese.  I’m wondering if Carey’s expecting a little Mumford son because she’s been going very flowy lately.














I don’t know if Miley’s look is really hot but it’s definitely air-conditioned.














Zoe looks like a sexy knight in slinky armor.

















I like the multi-colored feathers and the changing colors of the train.

















Julianne, why so dull on such a wild night?













J. Law honors her deal with Dior but dishonors our need for something interesting.  This look doesn’t fit in with the theme and feels too old for her.





















Yes to Claire’s gauzy Goth look.  And I think Dominic West and his friend behind her agree.

















I like Katie in a sharp bob but this dress is too old for her.
















Someone’s on trend.  Jess goes for classic Chinese and is bringing back platform at the same time.




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