This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Dark Summer

7 06 2015












Cut it out, Rose!  Get it?  Looks like someone’s feeling geometrically experimental.

Moet Nectar Imperial Rose x Marcelo Burlon Launch Event











You know how sometimes your dress has an extra piece hanging off of it and you’re not sure why?  Solange knows why.













I never thought that classy Julianna would join the nude brigade with some bikini brief flashing.















Emmy should definitely put this aside for Halloween.  There’s something very cobwebby about this look.

5th Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards - Show















I’m usually all for Charlize’s looks but this bandeau gown isn’t very much of anything.

Premiere of 'Entourage' - Arrivals















More curious cutouts that don’t really flatter Jenna as they just draw attention to a random body part – upper stomach or rib cage adjacent, I guess?
















There’s something very Diana Ross about Kerry here and I love it.  The disco tube top, the sparkly skirt and of course, the hair.

Premiere of 'Entourage' - Arrivals












Apparently, there’s a major fringe moment going on but I didn’t know and Malin’s mini doesn’t do much to make me care.












I think that they have to invent a word for cleavage that’s just for Salma.  I seriously don’t understand the structural work that had to go into this dress.




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