This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Sheer Magic

13 09 2015
















Camila’s jumpsuit is simple done right, with just enough sheer to be sexy and legs wide enough to be timeless.


















Sandy goes for a dress that’s a mini in disguise.

rachel 2

















Rachel makes odd choices and this is one of the better ones.  I kind of like the netting with side flounce and maxi length.  Cool heels too.
















Pene’s dress is the LBD that everyone woman wants to have (and look this good in it too).

pene 2


















And then she doubles down, with this dramatic of the shoulder look.
























Emily’s jumpsuit would look completely right in an 80’s era Guns ‘N Roses video.

diane 3






















Diane’s epic gown is fantastic.  I love the dainty top but it’s the lace skirt that really brings the drama.























Ciara seems to be channeling Halle Berry circa 2000 in a look that’s more fantasy than reality.  I think her boots actually cover more of her than the “clothes.”





















Green in black is an unexpected pairing but it works.  Loving the little sheer pleating.

jessica 2





















I love me some blue velvet and Jessica’s soft take on it is perfection.





















Helen shines in a gown that does layers right, with a perfect fit.




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