This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Who Wears the Pants?

8 11 2015













Alicia goes for a full sheer gown over a bra & pants.  Loving the tough leather paired with the delicate veil.

diane 2












Diane can’t make up her mind.  Gown or pants?  Light blue or dark blue?  What’s great is that her confusion looks fantastic.

elizabeth 2














There’s so much drama in Elizabeth’s look – the elegant, intricate gown with the all business slim cut pants.

















Gwyn pairs her simple martial arts style jumpsuit with hot red sandals and a simple red lip.














Kim never tired of being almost naked, even when she’s 8 months pregnant.  You can’t say she’s not comfortable, even if the look makes me a little uncomfortable.

halle 3














Halle’s really taking this altleisure look full on – half of her looks like she’s going to pilates but her boots look like she’s going to dance all night.



















Jane’s cha cha look is actually pants, paired with a sleek jacket and some sexy netting.
















This is exactly what I envision someone wearing to a party at the Playboy mansion in 1968.



















This is a very unusual look for Nicole, she doesn’t usually go for playful.  There’s a lot happening her between the sheer pants and the peplum + the bell sleeves.


















Michelle’s super sleek backless pantsuit is a bold move for her.






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