This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Night Moves

22 11 2015

















Olivia’s dress seems modestly low-key but the lace insets at the waist add a “is she/isn’t she” element?

















Not sure about the intent behind this look but the overall effect is too much fabric.  The random hanging fabric of the blouse looks like a bow that came undone and there’s more skirt than any girl needs.

jlaw 2

















Someone’s feeling Goth-y.  Jen takes a break from California girl glam for a dark and mysterious look, with lots of skin and major lip.


















I’m tired of the bodysuit/sheer trend when it results in dresses that don’t even look like they’re trying.  Rooney’s look is basically randomly hanging lace and one of the worse red carpet hair don’ts.

















Reese’s 50’s vibe is a little too precious and overwhelms her slight.
















Jen is branching out from her traditional black into avant garde black.  This double tie dress is unexpected and a little odd.

















This structured brocade is a little old for Emily.



















I’m super excited for all the awards fuss surrounding Cate’s new movie Carol – because it means we’re going to see more creative looks from one of Hollywood’s top fashionista.

cate 2

















Unusual dress choice for Cate since she goes for more architectural choices but loving the loose look paired with the severe hair.
















I am beyond loving Kerry’s gown – it’s over the top, sexily sheer and full of drama.  And it’s just as good from the back.

kerry 1




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