Grammys ’16: Please Don’t Stop the Music

15 02 2016













Hello!  Adele looks amazing in this sparkly Givenchy, with a slimmer silhouette.


Taylor Swift











Tay may have a soccer mom’s hairstyle but she has your trainer’s body and Kim K’s outfit.  There may be a lot of fabric but very little of it is on her body.



2016 MusiCares Person Of The Year Honoring Lionel Richie - Backstage And Audience












Rihanna didn’t show up to the show but she did celebrate her clothing line, in a dress that barely qualifies as clothing.

The Creators Party Presented By Spotify, Cicada, Los Angeles - Red Carpet













Katy didn’t go to the show either but she rocked a Madonna-esque look hosting a night before event.

Janelle Monae
















I don’t know what’s happening here but I love all of it.















If you really believe that Ciara and her boyfriend Russell Wilson have a truly hands off relationship, then it explains why she’s always almost nekkid on the red carpet.














It was a slow night so they brought out Queen Bey to close it down.  Don’t know if she had any Red Lobster though.




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