This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Spring Darkness

10 04 2016











This dramatic look is a little negated by the sheer trend.  Ladies, please stop wearing underwear on the red carpet, it’s hard to take you seriously.















Loving the creativity of a gown that looks held together by light-filled spiderwebs.

















When conservative Carrie rocks sheer, we have to call it officially overdone…even if the dress is pretty.















Not sure if Nicole’s dress is based on a dream or a nightmare but it definitely grabs your attention.

"The Huntsman: Winter's War" Beijing Press Conference

















Loving the dark fairytale feel of Jessica’s gown, with its hallucinatory pattern.















Lizzy should always keep her hair short, it’s a great length.  Also liking this sequined gown.

Confirmation NY Premiere Arrivals














A little avant garde but also making me wonder if Kerry’s hiding a baby bump because all her dresses lately are very voluminous.














That braid is weirding me out but I like the dress.















A very rare Berry sighting, in a signature sexy look.

kerry 3
















What I love about this dress is that it takes a “day” fabric and fancies it up with interesting design elements.

















An unusual design that brings a little excitement to a black dress.















This is just gaudy and the white sequins aren’t flattering.  Just because it’s skintight, doesn’t mean it’s alright.
















This is really putting the chest in chastain – congratulations to Givenchy on some very sturdy construction.




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