This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Darkness Before Dawn

17 04 2016















Who wears short shorts?  Jen wears short shorts.  A blazer is supposed to make this look a little less…saucy, I guess?

"Eye In The Sky" - UK Premiere












Helen’s hair is a little punkish (I think it’s for a movie) but this dress is all class.














Those pants are a thin layer of nude fabric away from being a crime.

Premiere Of HBO's "Game Of Thrones" Season 6 - Arrivals












Velvet orchid drama.















Wow.  Rock ‘n roll meets sheer sexiness.  And hello earrings!



charlize 2












All about the illusion shoulder plus bonus mini-train.

























Kim goes for a fashionbot 3000 look, complete with ever-present sheer top and S&M booties.

kate 9













Liking this easy, breezy look.

jessica 2
















Hey there babydoll.  Cute flounces.

















An interesting balance between simple tank top and fancy handkerchief skirt.  Hobo chic.

jennifer 2
















Such a dramatic change – with sleek hair and twist on a classic LBD.





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