This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Dark Nights

12 06 2016














Hole-y night?  Claire goes for a look that’s a bulls-eye.  Great beachy blonde.














Olivia adds Kardashian braids to a geometric lace mini that’s super sexy.
















Something’s a little off about this look for me.  The scarf thing is not working and the open pleats look odd.  Plus her hair is too flat.

New York Premiere of Roadside Attractions' "GENIUS" Sponsored by Jonnie Walker















Where you lookin’ girl?  Nicole going through a goth-y phase in this complicated lace dress.  It’s so many things at the same time that I can’t get a handle on the idea.
















Starry night?  Kate is quite the constellation.















I think Jessica’s more of a hair down kind of girl.  But I’m loving the train.

An Evening With The Women Of "Homeland"
















I expect more from Claire then this home ec looking dress.

Cindy Sherman Exhibition Preview at The Broad, Los Angeles, America - 08 Jun 2016















I’m loving everything about Katy’s look, from the super ladylike dress to the sweet pink heels and the fierce center part.




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