This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: It’s Lit

4 09 2016



















Amy’s goddess waves and molten gown looks amazing.

73rd Venice Film Festival - 'Arrival' - Photocall














I love a bright dress and I love a zipper.
















  1. This jumpsuit looks like it’s always ready to salsa. 2. Where is that cop’s hand?
















I’m a big fan of purple but this dress isn’t making my case stronger.
















There’s something sweet and 40’s about this look.















A sheer bodysuit under a sheer gown feels extra risque for this glam look.

Celebrity Sightings During the 73rd Venice Film Festival-August 31st 2016

















This dress gives me end of summer feelings with its layered tiers and jumble of fabrics.

Opening Ceremony And 'La La Land' Premiere - 73rd Venice Film Festival



















When you’re just not ready to let go of that Great Gatsby vibe.

'Brimstone' Premiere - 73rd Venice Film Festival


















Fresh-faced look with a dress that’s lit from within.



















I think this dress just feels joyous, with its field of flowers.




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